Join the Prompt Club

The club will select writing prompts for each meeting with all members writing on the same idea. Stories will be read aloud and reviewed in group. We will also go over how and where to submit. Prompts are a great way to stretch your imagination and test your editing skills. They’re also a handy way to submit on a regular basis to contests and publications.

Beginning July 21, we’ll meet on the third Thursday of each month, 6:30 – 8:00 pm in the Cherry Valley District Library small meeting room. Membership is limited to eleven.   If you are interested in joining the Prompt Club or have any questions, please email Mary Lamphere at

The July prompt is taken from, a quarterly prompt publication. This will be the story we discuss at our first Prompt Club meeting. In one thousand words (or less), write a piece beginning with the first line, “Edwin spotted them the moment he stepped off the train.”