Amy Lou Jenkins at the July Meeting

Amy Lou Jenkins
Amy Lou Jenkins

At our July meeting, Amy Lou Jenkins, UW Faculty Advisor and award-winning author of Every Natural Fact discussed effective book marketing tools and evaluated four of our members’ pitches. When putting together your Elevator Pitch, the one to three minute pitch you give to an interested agent, be sure to include:

  1. What’s your book about? This is the theme of your book with strong images that capture your voice.
  2. Who are you? What are your credentials? What have you published, what contests have your won, what professional writer’s organizations are you a member of? In Print members belong to two organizations: In Print and Chicago Writers Association; so be sure to include both. What makes you uniquely qualified to write this book?
  3. Who’s your audience?

And be sure to always lead with your strengths.

Ms. Jenkins’s inspirational presentation provided a lot of valuable information and have led to talks of adding pitching parties to our 2012 calendar!