In Print Challenge – July

There’s a certain motivation to sharing a goal. Once you put it out there for public encouragement, there’s a whole lot more people invested in your work.

In Print invites you to set a goal and join us as we share our progress and success! Goals may be as simple as, “write a thousand words a week,’ to more ambitious long-term objectives as, ‘complete a novel.’ Writing is a process and we all do it at our own pace, there is no failure! We will chart our growth at each meeting, congratulating success and encouraging progress in a supportive atmosphere of fellow goal-reachers. Look for the In Print Challenge cards at the meetings– you are welcome to fill out more than one!

Prompts are a great way to stretch your imagination and test your editing skills. They’re also a handy way to submit on a regular basis to contests and publications.  The July prompt is taken from, a quarterly prompt publication. In one thousand words (or less), write a piece beginning with the first line, “Edwin spotted them the moment he stepped off the train.”

Thinking a prompt is “too hard” may be the exact challenge you need ‘write’ now.