Authors Panel at the August Meeting

Authors Carol Howell, Beverly Long, John Gile, Dale Cozort

For the August 13th meeting, we invited authors Dale Cozort, John Gile, Beverly Long, and Carol Howell to discuss their writing. Dale Cozort, author of the science fiction novel Exchange, compared novels to icebergs.  Writers create an iceberg of a world, but only the tip makes it into the book. John Gile, author of The First Forest and publisher of children’s books, writes to enrich the reader’s life. Beverly Long, author of the romance novel Here with Me, falls in love with her leading male character and likes to create secondary characters that are kooky and do outlandish things. Carol Howell, award-winning author of short stories, explained short stories should be about an event: a conversation, a moment, a little something that stands for much more.

A question and answer session followed their talk and then the authors made their books available for signing. It was a wonderful event.