In Print Challenge – August

Short stories allow you the freedom to explore your characters and develop potential subplots for your novel. They’re good practice for thinking outside your comfort zone and because of their limited word count, they help you edit as you write.

The August prompt is “Marching down the aisle” takes on a whole new meaning. This does not have to be the first line, it’s just the theme for the piece. Challenge yourself to a thousand word goal. Have fun and good luck!

Thinking a prompt is too hard’ may be the exact challenge you need “write” now.  Common advice for struggling writers is ‘begin with the hardest thing.’ Whatever your personal road block is, do it first, get it out of the way and get to the good stuff!

The In Print Challenge is a great way to share your ‘hardest thing.’ Challenge yourself to overcome and then celebrate the success of not only getting through the ‘hardest thing,’ but also the flood of good stuff that follows.

Writing is a series of goals and successes, there is no failure! We will chart our growth at each meeting, congratulating success and encouraging progress in a supportive atmosphere of fellow goal-reachers. Look for the In Print Challenge cards at the meetings– you are welcome to fill out more than one!