In Print Challenge – September

Limiting your word count on a short story is a terrific way to practice editing. When you have a goal, say of one thousand words, every word is important. To get the most story out of limited wording, you really have to decide what your message is. What’s most important and how can you convey it better? Focusing on word selection and editing of extraneous words/information will not only tighten your piece, but make it stronger.  The September prompt is, Begin a story with the line, “I’m haunted.” “I’m haunted” will be the first line, but the content is totally up to you. Challenge yourself to a thousand word goal. Have fun and good luck!

This month, In Print is going to challenge YOU! With our Barnes & Noble Book Fair on September 10, we challenge you to participate, attend, share and support! It’s never too early to start Holiday shopping! Or better yet, do you really need an excuse to buy a book? Tell your friends, tell your family members, pass out vouchers to passers-by. This is a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about our professional writers’ group and help In Print earn some money!