Prompt Club – November Meeting

The  Prompt Club meeting held on November 17 sure was an adventure! Due to scheduling complications at the Cherry Valley Library, they met at the Rockford College Colman Library (once they found it). Attendance was at seven including newest member, Linda K. Stories told a variety of old folks home addictions: blood, labidocain, wallpaper, Scrabble, kleptomania, dirt and Kappa Gamma Sci-Fi — Supernatural College Detectives. The imaginations and talents of this group continue to amaze and inspire.

The Prompt Club will take the month of December off, with meetings resuming on the 3rd Tuesday of each month beginning on January 17, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Cherry Valley District Library small meeting room. The January prompt is, “The ‘Bondage Palace’ opens up in town”, but members are encouraged to write the In Print December prompt: Open with the line “Dear Santa,” and write it from one of these four perspectives:

  1. A jaded ten year old
  2. A first time grandparent
  3. A pet
  4. Someone on Santa’s work force