Organize your Writing and your Life

Where has this been all my life? And why is Microsoft not promoting this better? What I’m talking about is Microsoft One Note. I discovered it by accident yesterday and already I can see so many uses for it, personally and as a writer (otherwise why would I be posting it on this blog). According to the Microsoft One Note website, you can “access, organize, and share documents, photos, and more”.  And the best part about it is that it’s part of the  Microsoft Office Products suite. If you have Microsoft Office (and who doesn’t these days) you have One Note. So you don’t have to go out and buy a new program.

According to Wikipedia, One Note was first introduced in 2003 and has undergone two upgrades since then. The current version is Microsoft One Note 2010. Ok enough of the Microsoft commercial. Why am I gushing about a silly computer program? Organization, easy access, time savings. No One Note is not going to make you a better writer or help you write more frequently but it might just make the process of writing a little easier. Instead of having to open file folder after file folder after file folder to access different parts of your novel or your work projects or even your personal documents, they can all be accessed through this program.

One Note acts like an organizer. In it you can create numerous ‘notebooks’ with high level headings like Personal, Work, Novel. Inside these ‘notebooks’ there are subsections that display as tabs across the top. These tabs can be broken down any way you want, for instance under a Personal ‘notebook’ you might have tabs for General, Finance, or Household. For writing your novel you can break down these tabs into Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and so on. You can even include a tab for say Character Development or Research.

Microsoft One Note is very user friendly and it’s chock full of cool features, like the ability to take a screen capture or a video or audio recording and insert it into a document. There is even a share feature which allows you to sync your notebooks between your desktop, laptop, work computer, or tablet. It also allows you to share work with others so they can view and/or contribute to the work.

I haven’t had a chance to fully explore the program yet, especially since I just discovered it yesterday. But all in all it seems that Microsoft One Note is a great tool for organizing any and all kinds of data on your computer. I have already started setting up my ‘notebooks’ and see a long and harmonious future together for me and Microsoft One Note.

— Posted by Linda Price-Kleczkowski