In Print Challenge – March

Finding the time to write seems to be one of the biggest issues with life-busy writers. Some people are good with a laptop in the doctor’s office waiting room, others scribble on the backs of receipts in the grocery store line. Ten minutes here, ten minutes there, it adds up. Don’t limit yourself to thinking you can’t write without a block of time. Always be prepared to write. Ten minutes is ten minutes– do your best to make that time work for you. This month’s In Print Challenge is to write for ten minutes EVERY day. Ten minutes, you can do it.

Stimulating your creativity is an important writer’s tool. We’ve all had to do brain-storming, focusing our minds on creating ideas. It’s usually in response to something specific, like a trouble spot in our novel or *gasp* writer’s block. Writing prompts is a good way to keep your ideas flowing. Not only do you get into the habit of thinking creatively, but prompts give you an outlet to use those ideas. To paraphrase Newton, a creative mind in motion tends to stay in creative motion! This month’s In Print prompt is: There is an invasion. Begin any way you want, invade however your creative mind takes you, wrap it up in one thousand words.