Sandi Adams at the April Meeting

The April In Print guest speaker will be Sandi Adams, local cross-genre author.

Sandi, who has been an RN in Rockford for 40 years, recently found a second career as a poet and author of both children’s and inspirational literature. She loves the beauty and power of the written word. Inspired by her three energetic granddaughters, Sandi has worked hard to find the time to commit to her new passion.

Her first foray into children’s literature was a book based on Kajsa, her middle granddaughter.  Kajsa in the Middle, became a series of three books including Watch What You Wish For and Kajsa: Big Girl or Little Girl?

(Olivia and Madeleine are anxious to have their names in print and they have both been promised a series of their own.)

Sandi’s most recent work is a devotional she hopes will be every baby’s first book. Belly Button Bible Study takes the reader on a tender and personal nine-chapter walk through your pregnancy (or a walk down memory lane recalling an earlier pregnancy).  Following the amazing changes in your little miracle as they are recorded month by month, each chapter contains a “love conversation” to your baby and pages where Mama can journal her own thoughts and feelings. See all of Sandi’s projects at