In Print Challenge – April

Remember when your mother asked you, “How do you know if you never try?” Now she was probably talking about broccoli or jump-roping, but maybe writing is the same… just because you ALWAYS write literary fiction doesn’t mean you can’t try an essay. Just because you ALWAYS write non-fiction doesn’t mean you can’t try a poem. Just because you ALWAYS write poetry doesn’t mean you can’t try short fiction. This month’s In Print Challenge is to write something different than your usual style. Who knows, if you try it, you might like it.

Getting too comfortable in your writing zone can be detrimental to your progress. To keep what you enjoy doing fresh, mix it up once in a while. What better way to test out a new genre than with a thousand word prompt? Writing prompts can be a cheap and easy push to get you out of your writing rut. This month’s In Print prompt is: Your character comes across a bag full of “Instant Karma.” This is completely open to interpretation with a thousand word goal.