Writer’s Institute in Madison

By Kristin Oakley

From April 12th to the 15th,  I attended the Writer’s Institute in Madison along with In Printers Carol Ahrens, Sharon Boehlefeld, Sandy Colbert, Catherine Conroy, Deborah Lucas, and Kathleen Tresemer. I’m pleased to announce that Catherine won 2nd place for her memoir, Deborah won 3rd for her memoir, and Kathleen won an honorable mention in the first page contest for her mainstream fiction. Congratulations ladies!
At the Institute, I pitched formally to two agents (Joelle Delbourgo and Gordon Warnock) and informally to two more (John Bolger and Acquiring Editor Terri Bischoff). I received a request for pages and was given referrals to other agents/editors–definitely getting my foot in the door. In addition to the pitching sessions, I attended workshops on the agent/client relationship, publishing in the digital age, and Mind-Mapping; got to personally know Gordon Warnock during a Q&A session; practice-pitched to UW-Faculty Associate Christopher Mohar; and networked with authors from all over the country. An incredible experience! I’m looking forward to telling you more about it at our July meeting.