Prompt Club – April Meeting

Our April meeting was just one shy of a full house. Each of our members has so much to contribute, sometimes I feel bad interrupting the author chatter to focus on prompts!
The instant karmic experiences were very interesting– as always, very unique takes on a single topic. There seems to be lots of room for serial Karmic tales, several of our authors could easily have added prequels and/or sequels to their story.
(Members: Do yourselves a favor and read them over now, get that critiquing done so you’re not rushed the day before (of!) the meeting.)
A few reminders for our May meeting:

  1. The library will be closed for renovations the week of our next meeting. Linda has graciously offered up her home. If you need directions, please contact Mary or Linda.
  2. We did not choose a prompt from the list. Instead we will be tailoring our prompt to the In Print Contest, The prompt subject is WRITING. Any tale about a writer or writing. 1000 word maximum (firm, this time, contest rules).
  3. We agreed to each bring our own idea for a prompt on a slip of paper. The slips will go into a bag and we’ll each select one. See you all Tuesday, May 15 at 6 pm at Linda’s house with a story about writing, a prompt to share, and stories to be returned.