Stacy Riedel – Guest Speaker

Stacy RiedelOur May speaker will be Stacy Riedel.  Stacy spent her early years in southern California and Las Vegas, eventually making her way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These disparate cultures and experiences inform the comic inside her, her writing marrying the amusement of life’s big heartbreaks with the absurdity of our little triumphs. Ms. Riedel’s work seeks out the sweetness in every last hardened soul, all with a bold and contemporary style readers absorb like a conversation with a favorite old friend.

Ms. Riedel’s completed works include her debut novel, The King is Dead (2010), and her sophomore feat, The Field (2011). Formerly she helmed – a humorous blog chronicling life in the Midwest – until it was retired in 2012.

The Milwaukee author is currently touring to support her sophomore release, The Field. Stacy will discuss her publishing and touring experiences.