Prompt Club – June Meeting

Our June 19 meeting was held in the new small meeting room of the Cherry Valley Library.

The individual prompts were fun, it was an interesting way to assign stories.

Our members are doing great literary things! It’s wonderful to hear about their successes in an intimate setting where we can really discuss.

(It’s nice that they still have time for us while they’re publishing their novels!)

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, July 17, 6-8 pm, and the selected prompt is #14 on the list, “A woman wakes up one morning magnetized.”

That’s not the first line, just the subject. Or it could be the first line, if you choose. 🙂

July marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our group!

Same prompt time, same prompt channel (6-8, at the library).

If you have an idea for a prompt, please submit it to Mary for the new list she’ll be handing out in August.

We have a great group of ten, but the new ‘small room’ will allow for additional seating. When completed, we may be able to offer PC membership to one or two more. If you are interested, contact Mary,