Panel Discussion at the July Meeting

At our July 14th meeting, Carol Ahrens, Sharon Boehlefeld, Sandy Colbert, Catherine Conroy, Deborah Lucas, Kathleen Tresemer, and I participated in a panel discussion about our experiences at conferences, particularly last April’s UW-Madison Writer’s Institute. We each added insights to the discussion: Carol quoted from keynote speaker John Vorhaus – “procrastinate tomorrow,” Sharon told us about her successful elevator pitch, Sandy pointed out what to avoid before pitching, Catherine shared agent advice, Deborah and Kathleen explained the best ways to catch an agent’s eye and develop rapport, and I discussed my one page marketing sheet. Laurie Scheer, UW Associate Faculty Associate and Director of the Writer’s Institute, attended the meeting and told us about more exciting opportunities at UW-Madison Continuing Studies including their brand new Midwest Prairie Review (see more information below). Thanks so much to our panel of writers for their insightful presentation!