In Print Challenge – July

Summer can wreak havoc with even the most dedicated writing schedule. Hot summer days are all too fleeting; it’s important to enjoy time outside with your friends and family.

The In Print Challenge this month is to celebrate your independence as a writer… live life off the page, give yourself permission to slack. We all know that no matter how far we are from the keyboard, we’re never not writers! Enjoy (and gain some hands-on experience, research and inspiration).

There is no wrong way to write a prompt. Most of the time you probably write in your ‘default’ style, because you can, it’s easy.

We try to mix up the subject matter to keep your skills sharp and hope that once in a while, you stretch your abilities outside your comfort zone.

This month’s prompt is, “A woman wakes up one morning magnetized.” This is not the opening line (unless you choose it to be) but merely the subject matter.

This prompt is open to many a subjective interpretation. Have fun with it, challenge yourself, see what you come up with.