In Print Challenge – August

Our August meeting is a joint gathering with members of our affiliate, the Chicago Writers Association. This month’s In Print Challenge is go forth and be social! Bring your best writer personality and engage with people who at best might help with your writing career and at least may become a new friend. Win-win! First you must register. Tickets are free, but space is limited.

Even after month after month of wonderfully inspiring prompt suggestions, many writers still wonder what prompts have to do with them. “I write non-fiction,” or “Poetry is not the same,” or “if I’m going to spend time writing, it should be on my main project.” Those are all realistic responses, and yet– these writing prompts are actually very helpful tools for all genres of writing. Poetry, memoir, non-fiction essay… Prompts can be used to begin a piece, complete it or bring a new angle to whatever you’re working on. This month’s prompt is, “Why are you digging that hole?” It can be the first line, or not, depending upon your interpretation, or need. How does this prompt apply to your existing story? How could it inspire a poem? (It virtually screams metaphor!) Your prompt story may not make the pages of your final draft, but it could get you thinking in a whole new direction.