In Print Challenge – November

The National Novel Writers Month is upon us! NaNoWriMo is an international group, that focuses on writing a novel in one month. Now,1,667 words a day for 30 days may be a bit intimidating, BUT there is NO reason not to try. Maybe you won’t hit 50,000 words or maybe you’ll surprise yourself. This month’s In Print Challenge is to give it a try. Whether you register or not, it’s a challenge worth writing for!

This month’s prompt, “A song lyric stuck in your character’s head has very real results when sung aloud,” should prove to be a very interesting story idea. Most people enjoy music on some level. Like writing, it comes in many genres and styles, some we enjoy, some not so much. Then there are the songs that get stuck in your head on repeat. Maybe you liked it three thousand repeats ago, but now it’s like nails on chalkboard. Maybe it’s been in your head so long you don’t even realize you’re still humming it. Try out one of these experiences on your character and find out what literally happens when they sing the lyrics aloud. As always, aim for a thousand words.