In Print Challenge – December

This month’s challenge is to take it easy, relax, enjoy the holiday season as best you can. In the essence of a watched pot never boiling, we’d like you to not think about your writing. Now that’s a challenge, right! We’re encouraging the idea of distraction to hone those ideas and inspirations so when January rolls around and you suddenly have time again, you will hit the page running.

Creativity abounds during the holiday season. Shopping, decorationing, wrapping, baking are all creative outlets. But true inspiration can be found through the abundance of people we come in contact with– shoppers, family, co-workers, that lady in line behind you at Starbucks– all espousing the wonders of the season. Espousing… or grumbling, complaining, gossiping. The prompt for December is to write a thousand word story based on an overheard comment or conversation. Bonus points* if you can work in a specific holiday.

*No points will actually be awarded.