The ABC Blog Post Challenge

By Linda Kleczkowski

Blogging is a great way to get into the habit of writing on a regular basis. It can also be an important part of a writer’s platform for promoting your writing on the internet. To start off 2013 right, I propose a blogging challenge, The ABC Blog Post Challenge to be specific. I don’t know about you but my biggest problem isn’t finding the time to write it’s what should I write about. Some days I have so many thoughts swimming through my head that it is impossible for me to decide which one to choose and then other days I can’t think of an idea to write about to save my life (this is where I should tell you that my professional practice is to take notes when I have a glut of ideas so that when the well is dry I have a reserve, but sadly that’s not what I do).

The ABC Blog Post Challenge is simple; first decide how often you want to commit to posting on your blog. Oh wait, first you should probably HAVE a blog (more on that at the next blog post). Assuming you already have a blog, how frequently you want to post to it during this challenge is entirely up to you. If you choose to post daily then you will have completed the challenge in less than a month, 26 days to be exact. If you decide to post once a week then it will take you a little less than six months to complete and if you choose to post once a month…..let’s just go for once a week here.

The purpose of using the alphabet is to help focus your choice of subject material. Each week you choose a topic that corresponds to the letter of the alphabet you are on: week one is A, week two is B, week three is C, you get the picture. You can use the ABC method to find a category to write in, to determine a topic, or both, it is your choice. No prizes will be given out for this challenge, it is simply a technique to help you get motivated to write on a regular basis. I’ll even get you started with some blogging ideas below. I have already completed my first week of the challenge by posting this article, The ABC Blog Post Challenge, get it? Okay, cheap shot.

Categories and/or Topics (these are just ideas to show you how the alphabet can help with topic choice)

Autism – How Autism Has Affected My Life
Adjectives – Effective Use of Adjectives
Acting – Acting Out; Getting The Acting Bug
Art – Art I Love; Art I Make

Boats – Things To Look For When Buying a Boat; Family Boating
Babies – Bottle or breast feeding
Ballywicks (just kidding)
Beauty – Bulimia, Beauty Gone Awry
Behavior – Bad Manners
Books – Books I love; Books That Touched Me

Cats – Cat Lovers Versus Dog Lovers; My Cat
Common Sense – Teaching Children Common Sense; Teaching Adults Common Sense; The Lack of Common Sense in Our Government (I guess this topic touched a nerve)
Courage – Courageous People I Have Known
Citizenship – Being a Good Citizen
Commas – The Proper Use of Commas; Commas I Have Known
Children – Raising Happy Children; Home Schooled Children
Crafts – Crafts For Kids; How-To Crafts


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