In Print Challenge – January

Happy New Year In Printers! So have you set any new writing goals or intentions for yourself for this brand new year? If not, I have a challenge for you. Blogging is a wonderful way to get into a habit of writing on a regular basis but if you are like me you may have trouble deciding on what to write about. To help jog your creativity I offer The ABC Blog Post Challenge. It’s easy! First, decide how often you want to commit to writing a blog post; daily, twice a week, once a week. Next, starting with the letter A find a topic that starts with A, then your next post would start with a B, and next a ……well you get it. So how is the ABC Blog Post Challenge suppose to help you decide what to write about? Well it’s a point of focus. I find myself with writers block many time because there are too many topics to choose from. With the ABC Blog Post Challenge you can write within a certain category, say writing or gardening or the film industry or pets. Or you can pick your topic from any random source, the news, your life, what is outside your window, the choice is up to you. Set yourself on the path for writing success in 2013 and commit to at least 26 weeks of blog posts, who knows you might start a writing habit.
For those of you willing to committ to blogging on a daily basis there is NABLOPOMO at NABLOPOMO stands for National Blog Post Month. Each month offers a theme and prompts for daily blogging. If you accept the NABLOPOMO challenge you can even have your blog listed on the BlogHer blog roll.