Farewell or Goodbye, It’s All the Same

By Linda Kleczkowski, In Print Newsletter Editor/Website Administrator

Darn it!! My F segment of the ABC Blog Post Challenge should have been for farewell!! And I spent all that time doing research for Focus. Oh well, hopefully someone will find some value in it.

So consider this my G segment of the  ABC Blog Post Challenge for goodbye. Now that was easy!

This is my final post as In Print Newsletter Editor/Website Administrator. It has been my pleasure serving In Print in this capacity for the past two years. I am turning over the newsletter and website to very capable hands. Bob Francis has had experience as a sports writer and radio writer, he writes fiction and the occasional poem and he knows more about computers than I do!! Which isn’t saying a whole lot but yay!

This isn’t my LAST post by any means though (sorry folks). I will be posting under my personal blog linda’s pensieve from now on. Thank you all for your support. True to my addiction to volunteering I have already taken on other duties, specifically Teens In Print and the Academy Expo 2013 for Alignment Rockford so you WILL be hearing from me… whaaaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa.


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