In Print Challenge – April

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE! Time to clean out those closets (to find your shorts and swimsuit, of course), but wait — what is that?  A collection!  You’ve found a treasure trove of collectibles! The April prompt is to write about a collection. Your story could be based on fact, or wish fulfillment. Is it a collection of baseball cards from your youth now worth thousands of dollars? Or a collection of hidden demon-calling paraphernalia (how’d those get in there)? Better figure out what you’ve found and what you’ll do with it in a thousand words or less.

It’s April and In Print has a reminder for you — not about your taxes being due, but to challenge you to update your challenges. Heading into the fourth month, how are your New Year resolutions? In Print challenges you to evaluate your progress and drop/add new writing goals. Did you bite off more than you could chew? Have you surpassed some goals? Use that evidence to create new goals. You know what you can do, you know where your weaknesses are — use that information to give yourself a good solid challenge. We’ll check back in August.