In Print Challenge – June

Summer is here!  Those lazy, hazy, crazy days are going to go by so fast and – before you know it – you’ll have to write that dreaded theme on “What I Did During the Summer”.  This month’s In Print challenge is to get up and get out.  Spring has been kind of a bust and most of us have probably spent a lot of it indoors.  Now is the time to sample what the world has to offer.  If you are writing about a place, take a “field trip”; gather fresh information on the sights and smells and sounds and incorporate them into your work.  Spice up your characters with a sprinkling of reality from the people you see when you walk through your neighborhood, your town, or some far off place.  This year when you write that theme paper, it’s not going to be all about yard work and summer jobs.  This year it’s going to be great!

The In Print website is looking for guest bloggers. It’s not too late to begin the In Print ABC Blog Challenge.  There is no time limit on when to begin or how often to post.  Think of it as a new goal for your updates resolution!  Send your submissions to