August Resource of the Month

Deborah Lucas is in charge of Resources for In Print.  She locates and researches information of interest to help inspire In Print members through their writing journeys.

I attended the 40th Annual Midwest Writers Workshop for three days in July.  I had a blast hanging out with a great group of writers.  Five agents were there and very generous with help on how to pitch, how to rise out of the slush pile and how to cope with the changing publishing industry.

I want to share some links to Victoria Marini, who – after a lecture – made herself available for unscheduled pitches.  If your work is something she’s looking for, this is a link to her query guidelines.  On her website, she recommends Nathan Bransford‘s blog and Rachelle Gardner, both have excellent advice on how to write a query letter.

More resource links are available on In Print’s Facebook page.  If you have any resources you would like to pass along, please contact Deborah directly.