Guest Speaker – Bryan Cohen

Bryan Cohen

Sorry for the exclamation mark; I hope it didn’t distract you.  Bryan Cohen was our guest in last month’s meeting and talked about writing by avoiding the things that prevent us from writing.  We made lists of our “top five” distractions – family, chores, noise, the Internet (the In Print newsletter notwithstanding) – and we talked about ways to overcome these obstacles.  Bryan says to start small, focus on one idea for five minutes every day.  As you get used to that, bring it up to ten minutes, fifteen minutes… you get the idea.  When dealing with people, “beg, borrow and deal” with them for a half-hour free of television or agree to share chores a couple of days a week.  We brainstormed a number of possible ways to get more time for writing.  Let us know how they’re working for you!