Prompt Club – August Meeting

The Prompt Club celebrated two years of productivity, creativity and camaraderie!  We are proud of the original members as well as the new members we continue to welcome.  We discussed several submissions opportunities at our last meeting, including the In Print Fiction Contest (hint! hint!).  Catherine Conroy read her first prompt.  She’ll be a wonderful addition to our eclectic group.  Next meeting, we’ll be welcoming our newest member Kristin Oakley.  The prompt for this month is “Create a character with an unusual phobia”.

We meet the third Tuesday of each month at the Cherry Valley District Library from 6 pm to 8 pm.  This month we’re meeting September 17 in our regular meeting room. The members are expected to write a monthly 1,000 word prompt as selected by the group, attend meetings, and critique others’ work. We’re currently at capacity, but if you are interested in joining The Prompt Club, contact Mary Lamphere.