In Print Challenge – September

What are you afraid of?  Spiders?  Heights?  Success?  Failure?  Those last two are really two sides of the same coin now, aren’t they?  As writers we are faced with opportunities every day to both succeed and fail.  How are you contributing to either?  Not-writing is more of a failure than submitting an being rejected.  Scribbling on the back of a bank receipt is more of a success than not getting down any words at all.  To paraphrase a famous hockey player, “You miss 100% of the stories you don’t write.”

This month In Print challenges you to face a fear.  Clean the basement.  Climb a tree.  Write something. Submit something.  Whatever your phobias are, you can’t overcome them until you face them.  Trust us when we say writing is easier than flying a place.  It may even be easier than squishing that spider (more rewarding at least).