Prompt Club – September Meeting

The September meeting was very interesting with plenty of phobias to go around!  Although a couple of people were missing, we assume it was due to other engagements and not because of agoraphobia – fear of open spaces or crowds, amaxophobia – fear of riding in a car, or bibliophobia – fear of books.  Fears of drains, vampires, zipper pulls, tall things, paranoia, jinxing, and all things “T” might have been a threat as well!  Newest member Kristin Oakley fit in seamlessly, she even read a short story for In Print Radio along with members Ray Paul and Catherine Conroy.  This month’s prompt is #19 on your list, “An emotional barrier becomes literal.”

We meet the third Tuesday of each month at the Cherry Valley District Library from 6 pm to 8 pm.  The members are expected to write a monthly 1,000 word prompt as selected by the group, attend meetings, and critique others’ work. If you are interested in joining The Prompt Club, contact Mary Lamphere.


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