In Print Challenge – October

How do you overcome all of the distractions that modern technology offers? Does the ability to dictate on your phone, type on your iPad, or have multiple screens open on your computer help you to be a better writer? Or are all of those applications additional interruptions, keeping you from the written word?

The In Print Challenge this month is to get back to basics. Reconnect with old fashioned – archaic? – pen and paper. Jot down some notes, feel the words literally flow from your mind through your hand to the page. Need to do research? Go to the library, look it up in a book. Put down the Kindle, pick up a paperback. There’s only so much we can do the old-fashioned way, but it’s important to remind ourselves from where we’ve come. It may help us appreciate what we’ve got now and where we’re going. Some of us have been writing long enough to remember before doc files and spell check. We might not want to trade those things, but every once in a while, it’s good to pick up a freshly sharpened pencil and feel the cool sheet of paper in your hand.