November Meeting in Review

“Take five minutes to write a setting,” said Richard Pulfer. “Any setting you want.”

Five minutes later he added, “Now, put a dragon in it.”

In Print member Richard Pulfer led the group through several prompts like this, all designed to inspire members to work on their budding 50,000 word books for National Novel Writing Month.

Members participating in NaNoWriMo talked about what they learned about their own wrting and offered tips to increase the production of words.  A number of members read their impromptu stories to the laughter and applause of the rest of the room.

The Chicago Writers Association recently gave notice that membership dues will be going up from $15 to $25 at the beginning of January.  However, the membership cost for In Print (which includes a CWA membership) will stay at $30 / year.

Next month, In Print celebrates a terrific 2013.  The party will feature guests from previous meetings, holiday themed readings, food and fun.