Prompt Club – November Meeting

The Prompt Club met in November to share stories inspired by overheard conversations.  Someone listening in on the meeting would have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, learning, laughing, and appreciating the discussions we have about our own work, our successes and blocks, plus updates in the industry.

We also read our stories featuring topics such as ghosts, monkeys, bad parenting and cootie clusters.

The next prompt is “Begin with the line, ‘I am grateful…‘”.  Prompts are selected completely at random.  This must be the universe reminding us it is that time of year!  There is no meeting in December.  Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 21, 2014, same Prompt Time (6:00 pm), same Prompt Location (Cherry Valley District Library).

Last call for new prompt ideas!  A new list will be going out in January.  If you have suggestions, please contact Mary Lamphere.