January’s Meeting with Kelly Epperson

Kelly Epperson
Kelly Epperson

2014 kicked off in high gear for In Print!  Author and book coach Kelly Epperson spoke to In Print members during their January meeting.  Her program – Birth that Book – helps authors overcome writer’s block.  She spoke about the six steps that all writing projects should go through:

  1. Purpose – Determine why you are doing the project, why would anyone read it and why are you the right person to write it.
  2. Preparation – Don’t just start writing; have a plan.
  3. Pen – Sit down and start writing words.
  4. Polish – Don’t hold back; add elements of your personality to the project.
  5. Publish – Position yourself to be an expert.
  6. Profit – This is not just in terms of book sales.

She used examples from the people she’s helped along with stories from her own experience from an agent of the Internal Revenue Service to an “agent of joy”.  She urged members to come up with and accomplish a serious writing goal this year.