Notes from the Coronado Theatre Tour

By Sandy Colbert

Ghost Light on Stage
Ghost Light on Stage

I was most surprised to learn that there were apartments and that there was a time when you could live there. I would have been one of those people living there in another time and place.  My favorite memory was the art deco Van Matre apartment! And the great round bathroom with its two sinks and all the art deco touches such as the mural by the bathtub. I wish I could reproduce the entire bathroom in my house. They don’t make rooms like that anymore.

I  loved standing on the stage and looking out at the empty seats, picturing how great it must be to be standing there with an audience applauding what you have just done.  I have a new appreciation for what must happen behind the scenes. I really want to see a performance now because I can picture the behind the scenes activity now.

Nothing weird or supernatural happened while we were there, but it sure would have been great if we had a ghost sighting to report on. It’s a great setting for ghosts. They should have middle of the night tours with the lights kept low.  The room that holds the pipes for the organ – what a great setting for a murder mystery! It has a small ladder that goes down into the room and is the only way of getting in there – I saw a man’s bloody body sprawled on the pipes down below and could hear a volunteer screaming as she opened to door to show the tour group the room…

Everyone in Rockford and the surrounding area should take advantage of all that the Coronado has to offer, whether it’s a performance or a tour or volunteering. It is truly a gem and should be care for and cherished.