March Resource of the Month

This month’s resources come courtesy of our featured guest speaker, Paula Hendrickson.  She gave members a list of freelance writer resources.  Here are some websites she recommended and – of course – you can follow Paula herself on Twitter.

All Indie WritersJennifer Mattern’s site is a must for both fiction and non-fiction writers and has one of the best free writers forum around.

Productive WritersJohn Soares always has great, practical writing advice that even the most experienced writers can learn from.

The Well-Fed Writer Blog – Fresh insights from the well-fed writer himself, Peter Bowerman.

Words on the PageLori Widmer focuses a lot on the marketing side of freelancing.  She’s also the brains behind the Annual Writers Worth Week event each May.

Writers WeeklyAngela Hoy is a champion of writers’ rights; Whispers and Warnings is a great place to see if other writers have had problems being paid by your potential clients.  Be sure to register for the free weekly newsletter.

More resource links are available on In Print’s Facebook page.