Word of Art – The Art Part

We successfully collected 114 story and poem submissions! Now it’s time to READ.  Beginning March 29, requests for titles will be accepted. Due to the Word of Art book publication, space is limited!

Artists, please read through the rules below:

  • This project is free and open to the public.
  • Written submissions will be posted for Artist selection March 17 through May 5, 2014.  Artists are encouraged to read through ALL of the stories listed here.
  • Send a request for your selected story to WordOfArt@inprintwriters.com beginning March 29
    Include contact info and a brief bio in third person.
  • Any medium is acceptable but it must be on the 16×20 canvas provided by In Print.  Canvases can be picked up at an In Print meeting April 12, May 10, or by arrangement.  To see more about upcoming In Print meetings, click here.
  • Stories are open to interpretation, but please, nothing of a graphic nature.
  • Finish the sides of the canvas.
  • Some of the words of the story/poem must be included in the artwork as well as the author’s name.
  • You may select two stories, create two canvases, but no one person shall be published more than three times (2 as author/1 as artist, 2 as artist/1 as author)
  • You may NOT select your own story.
  • Artwork can be dropped off at In Print meetings June 14, July 12, or by arrangement no later than July 19.  Art provided after July 19 may still be in the reception but will NOT be published.
  • Space is limited to 30 for the publication. We will have up to an additional 5 selections to fill in as needed for the publication.
  • These “honorable mention” artists will participate in the gallery show but may not make it in the book.

The Word of Art Author/Artist Reception will be held Friday, September 5, 2014 at Emmanuel Lutheran Church Gallery, 920 Third Avenue, Rockford.
The reception will feature readings, art work and books for sale and signing.  In Print will take responsibility for hanging art.  Sale of art is at the discretion of the artist. Gallery commissions will apply.  Artwork pick-up will be arranged following the show date. If you have any questions about Word of Art, submit them to Mary Lamphere at WordofArt@inprintwriters.com.

In Print is proud to sponsor the Word of Art Author/Artist collaboration! Thank you for helping to bring the arts together.