Welcome to the Club

Mary Lamphere

Coming off a whirlwind weekend in Madison at the 25th annual Writers’ Institute, I am overwhelmed, exhausted and really really excited about the now and future of publishing.

The four day event covered much more than I could possibly summarize in a single Monday Blog. The Institute offers sessions for every level, every genre, and every interest of writers. It is hosted by agents, editors, managers, publishers, and professionals that should be beyond my piddly reach and yet, there they are– willing to talk to, teach, share, entertain and mentor. It is an incredible affair.
But enough gushing.

Parting Gifts was the closing panel– “3 things every writer should seriously think about doing the minute they walk out of the conference.” Three of their recommendations:
1. Digest
2. Be thankful
3. Continue contact

Lists of 3 should help me cover a lot of ground without being overwhelming or exhausting, but…

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