Christopher Sims at the April Meeting

Christopher Sims spoke to the members of In Print at the April meeting. However, to call what Christopher does “speaking” doesn’t do it justice. In honor of National Poetry Month, he performed several of his pieces and talked to members about his process of creation and preparation. He was inspired by the early rap music his older brothers were bringing home in the 1980’s. His performance pieces have allowed him to work with artists and musicians around the country and – with the Internet – around the world.

“Writing is a very spiritual process for me,” he says. “Everything I feel, I want to get it down.” Christopher says his poems usually take him a week or two and can be based on a title or an observation, anything really. Once he has written the basic form, he tries it out on stage as soon as possible.

Several In Print members shared poems, both personal and from a diverse set of authors from Shakespeare to John Lennon.

A number of In Print members attended the Writers Workshop in Madison, Wisconsin. They will be talking about their experiences at the In Print meeting in May at the Cherry Valley District Library. The meeting will be at 1:00 pm. Everyone is invited to attend.