Prompt Club – July Meeting

The Prompt Club met Tuesday, July 15 to share an evening of “firsts”. Humor, horror, and heroics were several of the themes addressed in the evening’s stories.  Our next meeting is Tuesday, August 19 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Cherry Valley District Library.  We’ll be in the BIG room this time. The selected prompt is “Surprise! Write a story about one of your own creations.  Allow a story to unfold but include something completely out of character for your character.”  This should be an interesting assignment! For those who write memoir, it will be interesting to read about how you surprised yourself– did something you didn’t know you could do, found the strength to succeed or a skill to develop.  This is also a good prompt for discovering something about your fictionalized character. Dig deep, see what is revealed. Have fun with it!

The Prompt Club celebrates its third year this July. Happy Anniversary, Prompt Clubbers! We have a lot to show for our time and dedication to this group — many, many stories in our collections and a respectable amount of publications, too!  Congratulations on dedicating the time to improving your craft one thousand words at a time!