I’ll Have the Lobster

By Daniel Francis

Another day in this transparent prison.

I’m the “small one”. I’m always the last one in here. But they do restock with fresh new victims.

The living space is horrible. You have nothing to do, you fight to the death over micro pellets that taste horrible, and sit around while bug eyed giants stare at you and try to touch you, only an invisible force field protecting me.

I’ve seen giant hands coming in and taking my brother. I never see them again.

I can’t defend myself. My claws are forced shut by these bright neon handcuffs. This place is a death camp built for the giants’ amusement. I need to organize an uprising, a way to get out and burn this death pit to the ground.

I’ve got some friends among the giants actually. They must oppose this senseless violence as much as I do. One keeps pointing at me and saying “I’m gonna order him someday”.

They take me out to set me free. I don’t know why they have to put me in hot water before that. It’s so hot it’s making my shell scream.

Daniel Francis is a high school student and a member of In Print.