Prompt Club – September Meeting

The Prompt Club met Tuesday, September 16 to share points of view. The prompt was, “Ways of Seeing. Two completely different idiosyncratic characters witnesses the same traumatic event. Show both of their perspectives.”  Our writers tackled this challenge in a variety of interesting ways and surprisingly well considering the word count limitation!  The goal of The Prompt Club is to create a short story in a 1,000 words. It’s a good editing tool to make a complete story in three pages. When you don’t have a lot of words to play with, your words really matter. It’s also a good length for short story submissions to contests and publications.

The next prompt is: Write a story that begins or uses the sentence: “It was dead in the hall when I found it.”  We select our prompts at random, but it’s always fun when they coordinate with something – like Halloween!  The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 21 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, at the Cherry Valley District Library.  The Prompt Club dates for 2015 have been confirmed through the library, write on!