My Sister Eats Fancy These Days

by Caryl Barnes

My sister eats fancy these days –

Up with crystallized ginger, acai berries, and kiwi slices on Scottish oatmeal–

steel-cut and organic from heritage seeds.

Down with a banana and Rice Krispies –

No more snap, crackle, and pop.

Up with 80% cocoa in dark chocolate from Holland.

Down with Hershey bars.

My sister follows the Three E’s:




My sister does not eat common food these days.

We are what we eat.

My sister has become someone else.

I miss her.

Caryl is one of several In Print members to have her work on Public Displays of Affection featured at the Allegory Project, an art space and exhibition co-sponsored by the Art Matters Artist Coop and the Rockford Area Arts Council. The Allegory Project plans to have a theme that is explored in various art forms: painting and sculpture, photography, repurposed objects, and the spoken and written word.