Why I Write

by Karna Tecla


Looking at a picture

And overhearing the conversations of the people captured;

Holding an object

And feeling the story of its past;

Lying, in bed, awake

And hearing the characters in your mind converse, lecture, and argue.

This is WHY I write –

To record the conversations, lectures, and arguments,

To tell the story of people and objects

To delve into issues and offer advice and insight.

Karna is one of several In Print members to have her work featured at the Allegory Project, an art space and exhibition co-sponsored by the Art Matters Artist Coop and the Rockford Area Arts Council. The Allegory Project plans to have a theme that is explored in various art forms: painting and sculpture, photography, repurposed objects, and the spoken and written word.

Karna’s piece and the others have been framed at the gallery and are available for viewing from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The show space is on the northwest corner of Madison and Prairie Streets in Rockford.