Spaces are filling fast! Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of In Print’s Word of Art 2!

Mary Lamphere

One of the best things about organizing Word of Art 2 is the built-in breakdown of deadlines.

First, we collected Word submissions. Next, we posted them for reading. Now the artists get to select their choice of story or poem to create Art on a 16×20 canvas.

It’s a lot of hurry up and wait… and I kind of enjoy the waiting parts (less work!). But the hurry up parts are fun, too. I look forward to seeing which pieces are selected. I’m eager to see which talented artists participate. And the reception… oh, what a blast!

Forty-five authors and poets provided over one hundred Word submissions this year. Surely there’s something to speak to the artist in you. Feel free to spread the Word of Art 2 your friends, family, co-workers and any talented soul you admire. (see what I did there? 2=to, lol)

Click here for the list of Word…

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