Stop to Smell the Peas

by Kathleen Weber

He looked down and smelled his peas.

Eat them! They’re good for your prostate. Eat them! They’re full of protein. Eat them! They’ll make you stronger. Over and over the nurse’s aide had lectured him about these damn peas. He wasn’t even hungry, least of all for peas.

He bent over to smell them again, hoping they would smell like something else.

InPrintBlog_PeasAs he inhaled, his lungs filled with Evening in Paris. A smile parted his lips. Rose Marie always wore that perfume for me, he thought. Slumping back, eyes closed, they glided across the ballroom floor with her small hand in his, while Tommy Dorsey played on, and on, and on.


Kathleen is a diverse freelance and creative writer. She has written everything from advertising, business technical, and fund raising copy; to travel and human-interest stories for newspapers and magazines. She enjoys writing thought-provoking poetry and fictional stories, and satirical humor.