Already There

by Dan Burns

Visions of grandeur tug me along a strict bearing
to a place I need to visit, to explore, to conquer.

Endless days and nights overwhelmed with only one option,
one line of thought and action, one goal, one promise.

At the crossroads I forge ahead to grasp the prize,
and I hope it’s what I expected, and I wish, and I wonder.

Sitting streamside with recollection of a history blurred by distraction, I can only sense
the rushing water, the waving wheat, the flight of a bird.

A pause confronts me with the sights and sounds and scents of the world,
and they calm my restless heart, and mind, and soul.

And I realize I’m already there.


Dan Burns is the author of the story collection, No Turning Back, and the novel, Recalled to Life. In addition to writing novels, short stories, and poetry, he also writes screenplays for the big screen. His forthcoming novel, A Fine Line, is a mystery set in his hometown of Chicago.