Prompt Club – May Meeting

The May meeting was a huge success! The energy was high as members shared and contributed in support and discussion of prompts and writing in general.  It was a warm welcome for new member Sharon Boehlefeld. The prompt was to write about something revealed. We had shocking openings and surprising conclusions.

We are currently at twelve members, which is, literally, a full table. It’s fabulous that others are interested, but we’ll have to put a hold on additions for now pending the future of spin-off groups.  Our next meeting will be June 16, 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Cherry Valley District Library.  The selected prompt is to rewrite a previous piece.  The story does not have to be from Prompt Club. You could rewrite it from another POV. You could rewrite it based on comments and critique. You could update an older story. Or take a longer piece and edit it down to a successful 1,000 words.

As you’re going through your previously written pieces for this prompt, consider what you would like to submit to CWA’s The Write City e-zine.