August Meeting Featured Deb Lecos

by Deb Lecos

Deb Lecos - GuestThe August meeting of In Print had a large turnout of members. Deb Lecos CST-T, LMT was the featured guest. She spoke on the topic of Creative Expression. Deb offered several exercises to help writers connect with their voice, the intent or desire to share that voice and the power to share that voice in the face of possible opposition (i.e., agents, publishers and editors). We learned how to expel a “monkey brain” through a focused breath, that body language can influence our success and were given a power breath exercise to help bring our writing intention to fruition.

Plus we wrote 5 sentences about a tree. Both Mary and Shawn’s final sentences were “I’m done writing about a tree.”

In closing, Deb shared a chapter of her memoir 20 Gurus and a Dog, to the drumbeats from her shamanic drum, Ancient One.