Prompt Club – November Meeting

We finished out our year with a small group of powerful stories. The prompt was, “A person long dead is suddenly sitting beside you. How does he/she react to this “modern” world?” There were some very strong interpretations of this prompt. We do not meet in December. Finish NaNoWriMo, then focus on time with the family (gathering stories to adapt to next year’s prompts, of course).

The first meeting of the new year will be Tuesday, January 19, 2016, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Cherry Valley District Library. The selected prompt to kick off 2016 is, “Work the cliché. Start a story with Once up on a Time, A funny thing happened on the way to, or It was a dark and stormy night, or end with, and they lived happily ever after.”  Turn the expected on its head, adapt an existing story to be more fairy-tale-ish, or “tall tale” an every day experience. Have fun with this one!

We have openings! Together, we select one prompt per meeting to write about and submit at the next meeting. The target word count is 1,000 words because that’s about three printed pages and a five minute read, it’s a really good editing tool to make a complete story with a target word goal, and it’s the perfect length for short story submissions to contests and publications.  The Prompt Club is a great way to commit to your writing on a regular basis. We could be the solution to your New Year’s Resolution!

If you are interested in committing to the third Tuesday of each month, writing a thousand word short story to a specific prompt, and reading and critiquing other members work, please let Mary Lamphere know to secure a space.  Space is limited.